Uggstep (rhymes with dubstep) & other portmanteaus

Two young women "Uggstep" through snow.
Credit: Dori via Wikimedia Commons

“Generally portmanteaus with the greatest sticking power seem to be those which fill an existing gap in our lexicon. They describe experiences for which we lack words.”

– OxfordWords blog


absposure \ab-‘spō-zhər\ n: The revelation of midriff, for example, that which occurs when removing a sweater and the undershirt peels with it.

cuffsorb \’kəf-sȯrb\ v : To dampen one’s shirt sleeves by negligently allowing wet hands to drip down one’s wrists.

socksop \’säk-säp\ v : To step sock-footed in a puddle, thus wetting one’s stockings and rendering them no longer cozy.

Twitterbole \twi-‘tər-bə-lē\ n : Exaggerated assertions of impressiveness or worth conveyed via Twitter.

Uggstep \’əg-step\ v : To walk in a mincing manner in an attempt to keep slush off overpriced sheepskin boots.


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